NO 06

NO 06 (6/2015)

December 2015

The progress of global networking also affects the automotive industry. This November issue of VIAVISION presents the new opportunities arising from faster internet connections, high-tech terminal devices and intelligent services for the driver and his car.

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NR 05

NR 05 (5/2015)

July 2015

Eco-friendly and powerful: with the natural gas series, Volkswagen focuses on a lower-emissions alternative – successfully. Increasing sales for natural gas powered vehicles reflect the trend in Germany. This issue of VIAVISION explains how a natural gas engine works and which types Volkswagen has on offer. Also inside are the advantages - and facts and figures - about Germany's rising natural gas market.

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NO 04

NO 04 (4/2014)

October 2014

In this month VIAVISION takes a closer look at the electric motor made by Volkswagen. It is designed as a part oft he modular transverse matrix in such a way that it can be installed in every car modell with just little modifications.

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NO 03

NO 03 (3/2014)

May 2014

The May issue of VIAVISION is all about the safety of all traffic participants: Child safety seats protect the smallest, safety assistants ensure a safe drive and intervene helpfully in case of an emergency. Furthermore: How vehicle safety is tested in crash tests and subsequently evaluated.

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NO 02

NO 02 (2/2013)

March 2013

From people's car maker to volume manufacturer: in the past forty years, Volkswagen has extended its vehicle range enormously. In this issue of VIAVISION, we not only take a glance at years gone by but also see which Volkswagen vehicles are built where today.

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